Chris Hartman

Father of Student

My daughter began playing junior USTA tournaments when she was 10 years old, with good success. However, after two years, she found herself reaching a plateau in her development. With a plan to be proactive in addressing her needs, our family reached out to Tutu. We had seen outstanding results with other students training with Tutu, and felt his method might be the right fit for our daughter.

Our family interviewed with Tutu, with the intention of his overseeing our daughter’s tennis development moving forward. My wife and I were very impressed with the interview process.  Tutu asked pointed questions about our family dynamics, our parenting philosophy and our daughter’s motivation for wanting to reach her fullest potential. The interview was as much for us as it was for him, and it helped him establish his expectations prior to the start of training.

Since beginning her training, my daughter is more eager than ever to master her new skills. She is being retaught the fundamentals behind her stance, her serve and her swing. Tutu provides structure and thoughtful planning to each training session and it is clear he intends to follow through on his plan to create a stronger, more powerful player. We are impressed with the fact that Tutu encourages an open line of communication, not only with our daughter, but with my wife and myself. As her coach, he stresses the fact that he needs to be a part of her life, as issues off of the court can affect many aspects of her game.

It is clear, Tutu’s experience, knowledge, and passion are second to none in the tennis profession. We are highly encouraged by the transformation we are seeing in our daughter and we look forward to her returning to the game, a stronger player.